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Say Goodbye to Pain: 7 Reasons you need to buy a Massage Gun - Medtechlife

Say Goodbye to Pain: 7 Reasons you need to buy a Massage Gun

In recent years, massage guns have become extremely popular with professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Today, it is being used with often considerable success. It has helped people to obtain relief from muscle aches, pains, and soreness; accelerate their recovery and rehabilitation process; and so on.

What makes it even more popular is it is simple and easy to use. Once the massage gun is switched on, its head starts to vibrate and then moves along the muscles. This will help loosen or warm the muscles.

There are some rules that need to be adhered to extract the best out of it.

For instance, 

  • Holding it on a particular body spot for more than two minutes, must be avoided.
  • Whole body massage should not exceed more than 15 minutes.
  • Using it more than twice a day must be avoided at all costs. Else they can cause micro-tears in the muscles.
  • Avoid using it on bones, and major arteries and veins.
  • Listen to what your body says. In case, it signifies something that is not right, stop using the massage gun immediately.


There are many reasons that tell how massage gun helps in combating pain and leading a pain-free life.

But there are seven reasons that also tell us why it is a worthy investment that can make a quality difference in your life.


The route to a healthy and active body lies within the blood vessels. Many components of health are centered on efficient flow and circulation of blood. The more efficient the routes are, the quicker will the flow of blood and nutrients, and consequently, the healthier will be your body.

If the blood is not flowing normally through your body, one of the signs that will give you an indication of the same is painful muscle cramps.

Massage gun therapy can help tackle the problem of muscle cramps.

When you use it effectively, the flow of blood within a section of your body will be significantly better. Better still, when you do a full body massage with a massage gun, the circulation of blood will be good throughout the body. With improved and better blood flow and circulation, the supply of nutrients and oxygen, required for muscle repair and effective body function, within the body will also improve significantly.

On the other hand, if the blood circulation is poor, then it can cause several adverse health issues aside from painful muscle cramps. Like continual fatigue, cold arms and feet, poor concentration and focus, and swollen arms and legs.


Proper lymphatic stimulation is extremely vital. This will ensure a healthy body and mind.

The lymphatic system is very complex with several lymph nodes situated through different areas of the body, tucked away either within the body or underneath the skin. These lymph nodes function as tiny bunkers and store the requisite armory essential for fighting infections within the body. The primary armory carried by the lymph nodes is called ‘lymphocytes’.

Now when the lymph nodes do not function properly they can cause considerable pain. To negate the pain, the lymph nodes need to be stimulated.

This is where massage gun therapy plays a critical role. It can stimulate the nodes which in turn facilitate the circulation of the lymphatic fluids to different areas of the body as and when they are required.


Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS as it’s popularly called, can be a terrible pain. When you do an intense workout, the pain at times can get very bad after the workout session. On certain occasions, the pain can last for as long as three full days.

To reduce the pain and bring it down considerably, massage gun therapy can play a helpful role.

A 2014 medical study concluded that massage gun therapy if done properly can improve muscle endurance and kinesthetic awareness, and increase power. This in turn will improve the performance of the muscles for the better and eventually help bring down the intensity of DOMS.

When worked on the muscle areas where real-time muscle pain is being experienced, massage gun therapy can effectively break up pain signals sent to the body by the brain.


When you experience muscle stiffness and spasms, you also tend to experience pain. In some people, the pain can be extremely caused by the intensity of their muscle stiffness. Such cases arise when they have completed an intense workout.

What happens as a result is the formation of ischemia in the muscles. This indicates that the flow of blood is poor in the muscles which result in spasms that at times can get extremely painful.

To relieve muscle stiffness and spasms, massage gun therapy can work magic. When massage gun therapy is applied, pressure is put on the affected muscle, ligaments, and tendons. As a result of this, the pain tempers down and the muscles become relaxed. This will eventually reduce the muscle spasms and the pain they cause.


Scar tissue in your body is made up of collagen fibers. They help to repair damaged fibers in the body.

At times, the elasticity of the tissue does not exactly measure up and collate with the body’s natural muscle tissues.

This is where massage gun therapy helps.

The therapy when applied properly works around tissue massage deeply. This in turn will help break down the scar tissues thereby reducing the pain and relieving the restriction it causes.

Massage guns can also be effectively used for healing sports injuries and post-surgery scar tissues. 


Stress is a problem that afflicts millions around the world. Many people often succumb to the pain caused by its intensity and eventually break down.

Massage guns can help reduce the intensity of stress and provide considerable relief.

When a massage gun is used properly, it helps the body to release dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals that are responsible for general body relaxation and happiness.

However, not many people are adept at doing it properly. Hence, it’s recommended it best be done by expert massage gun therapists as they know how to hit the right spots with the right amount of pressure. When stress is reduced, you experience the massage gun’s soothing effects and stay more relaxed


When you are stressed, your sleep patterns also tend to experience stressed pain. This will result in sleep deprivation which can be harmful.

Sleep deprivation can badly affect your alertness and focus levels, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and libido; and cause aches and pains.

Using a massage gun regularly, you can massage your body. This will help to regularly release serotonin chemicals which will ease your pain and keep you relaxed. Aside from this, the body will also release melatonin, a chemical responsible for keeping you well asleep when you need to be.

If you get good sleep, your body will experience less stress and tension.

When it comes to combating and relieving pain, people have for ages been trying out several needles, painkillers, and even rigorous dietary supplements. But excess of them can turn fatal at times. Instead, if one resorts to more comforting and less-invasive ways to relieve chronic pains like massage guns they can experience relief from pain that is painless.


When you use a massage gun, you must use it properly as per laid-down guidelines. This will help massage the painful areas better which in turn will enhance circulation and also relieve you from the stiffness around your muscles and joints. Eventually, your pain will reduce.

Since their introduction in the marketplace, Medtech massage guns have proven to be a beneficial alternative to massages or visits to physiotherapists. The better you use a massage gun more frequently, the more you will be able to reduce not just pain but also the costs of having massages or visiting clinics and hospitals.

Get your Massage Gun Today!

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