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What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Massage Guns And How To Use One? - Medtechlife

What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Massage Guns And How To Use One?

Do you want to improve your workout or avoid post-workout muscle soreness? Here's a gadget that has been scientifically proven. Massage Guns, one of the most recent breakthroughs in muscle recovery developed in 2008, have become the most sought-after tool for individuals all over the world to take control of their muscle therapy and recovery process.

Massage gun therapy has gained immense popularity than ever before. The product has made celebrities, athletes, and fitness influencers applaud its scads of benefits. Can they be game-changers for you as well? 

Here's all you need to know about the advantages of a gun massager and how to use one if you decide to give it a shot.


What is a massage gun?

Massage guns, also known as "percussive massage treatment" or "vibration therapy," are portable, handy devices that look and sound like power drills. They are usually wireless and have a rechargeable battery. Attachments for massage guns are interchangeable.

When the gun is turned on and put on your muscles, the attachments vibrate or "percuss" at a high frequency and low amplitude of movement, which enthusiasts believe promotes exercise recovery and improves overall performance while decreasing discomfort.

Massage guns have undoubtedly been in great demand in recent years, owing to the numerous advantages they provide, ranging from pain relief to enhanced blood circulation, among other things. Furthermore, it helps to reduce recovery time when doing all of these things.

Let’s have a roller coaster ride to the amazing benefits of Massage Guns.


Top 5 Benefits of Massage Guns

1.   Improved performance and swift recovery

Because of the percussive massage provided by the massage gun, the muscles and facial tissues tend to strengthen and lengthen, assisting in the improvement of muscle contraction throughout the body. The primary goal of a massage gun is to hasten recovery so that the person can return to training as soon as possible. The mechanism of blood flow promotion and muscle warming underpins the benefit of massage guns for faster recovery. In addition to this, massage guns help to enhance sports performance by making the muscles more flexible and efficient.

2.   Rehabilitation

Massage is recognized to be one of the most effective types of therapy for rehabilitation treatment since it not only speeds up the healing process but also prevents re-injury. Massage guns are the ideal addition to the regular injury rehabilitation method because they promote the healing and repair of atrophied muscles caused by trauma or disease. Percussion therapy promotes flexibility and accelerates healing by improving efficient circulation in particular regions (facial tissues and muscles).

3.   Stress Buster and improves sleep

By interacting with the skin and nervous system, massagers relieve tension and promote relaxation in the body. This results in a phenomenon known as "biofeedback." Applying the massage pistol to tense parts of the body transmits a signal to the brain via the nerve system. This causes the muscle to relax by sending an 'action signal' back to it.

Massage guns, when used appropriately, especially by a massage therapist, can help the body produce dopamine and serotonin. These two molecules are in charge of happiness and whole-body relaxation. You must, however, understand where to strike and how much pressure to apply. Regular usage of a massage gun can also assist in improving sleep and reducing anxiety. How it reduces stress levels in the same way it works by down-regulating the nervous system, in turn improving overall wellness.

A calmer and more relaxed person sleeps better and has fewer anxiety symptoms.

4.   Breaks scar tissue

According to some reports, massage gun therapy can be extremely effective in reducing scar tissue. More importantly, percussive therapy has been shown to alleviate pain in and around these issues. As a result, massage gun therapy is recommended not only for sports injuries but also for post-surgical scar tissue treatment.

5.   Enables the lactic acid release

It is frustrating for any athlete or gym enthusiast to be working out and suddenly feel tuckered, nauseated, and cramped. This occurs when the body's muscles lack oxygen, which is required to convert newly formed lactate into energy. As a result, lactic acid accumulates faster than the body can burn away. A massage gun can assist in removing excess lactic acid from the circulatory system and get you moving again. This has the potential to reduce DOMS that may occur later.

It is of utmost importance to know the correct way of using a massage gun to avoid any injury. So, let’s have a glance at the correct way of using massage guns.


How to use a massage gun?

A massage gun can be used to relieve muscle tension at any time, but it is most commonly used before and after workouts. Warming up with a massage gun can help relieve soreness or stiffness from previous workouts and activate muscles before a session.

Begin by moving the gun over the bulk of the muscle in a tight spot on your body. Increase pressure as tolerated but not excessively. Most guns have a button or switch to increase pressure. Stay in one spot for up to 15 seconds or sweep a two-minute area. Some guns even have a monitor that is linked to an app that tells you how hard and how long to fire. 

Make sure you gently press against your sore muscle and let the massager do the magic. It is a painless method and will give you a good sensation of relief once done with the massage. 

Use the massagers regularly when you feel your muscles are sore.

Get your Gun Massager Today! 

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