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We make Healthcare Understandable, Accessible & Affordable.

About Us

We are India's Largest Homecare Electro-medical Devices Manufacturer

Innovative Products

With over 45+ innovative products, we are dedicated to improve home healthcare in India

Dedicated R&D

20 Years of in depth research has helped us develop innovative products

Dedicated Customer Service

A dedicated team is always present to solve all your queries

Authentic Products

All products sold on are authentic Medtech Life products

About Medtech

We at Medtech are constantly working on innovative technologies and designs to bring nothing but the best to our customers. Every product sold here comes with a dedicated warranty from the company.

Get all your home healthcare products right at your door step with a click of a button. The products are directly shipped by Medtech Life ensuring authenticity and quality of the product and giving you the best shopping experience.

Caring for Life! Always!

Our Story

Our First Product

Our First Product

More than 20 years ago, we started with our first product, the nebulizer.

We were the first to design, develop and manufacture the device in India and have driven innovation in this sector since then.

Our high-quality products with excellent service quickly made us the market leader in this segment.

What We Offer

What We Offer

We listened to our customersโ€™ feedback and accordingly expanded our range.

Today we have an extensive product range that helps our customers access premium quality wellness and healthcare products.

Future Scale

Future Scale

Today we are market leaders in many segments of healthcare and wellness products that are made in India, and we are committed to being the go-to brand for every Indianโ€™s healthcare needs. We are Medtech โ€“ Caring for Life!

Helping you take a step to better health

Over the past 2 years we have built this platform to cater to various consumer needs and to give them the best experience at home. Today we are present all over India - And we are just getting started

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