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Managing PCOD and PCOS: The Role of Advanced Medical Equipment in Women's Health

Managing PCOD and PCOS: The Role of Advanced Medical Equipment in Women's Health

Navigating through the lives of women with PCOS or PCOD is an undiscovered path.This is due to the complexity of the treatments and diagnoses that come with them. Plenty of tests, treatments, and approaches are being proposed for women suffering from it. However, the complexity of the path has become way easier because of modern medical equipment. Nowadays, there are certain ways in which pain can be reduced to make it manageable.

Throughout this article, we will be talking not only about the advanced medical equipment that can help PCOD and PCOS sufferers but will also list a few basic ones that can work in a great way.Before knowing the management tips for both PCOS and PCOD, it is important to know what exactly they are. Below, we will be diving deeper to learn about both.

* Understanding PCOS

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. In this syndrome, the person is unable to create the hormones needed for ovulation. This creates small cysts, and this cyst further creates androgens. Owing to this factor, menstrual cycles get disrupted and are not regular. This causes further issues and gives rise to symptoms. A few such symptoms are like:

  • Infertility
  • Acne
  • Excessive hair on the body
  • Balding or hair thinning
  • Gaining weight

* Understanding PCOD

PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovary Disease. It is a medical condition in which the ovaries that are released by a woman's body are immature or partially mature. This, after releasing, causes a cyst in the body, which affects the menstrual cycle. This causes the secretion of male hormones in the body to be more than needed, causing further complications. A few of its symptoms are:

  • Skipped or irregular periods
  • Obesity
  • Excessive and unwanted hair
  • Baldness
  • Inappropriate male hormone

The key difference between PCOS and PCOD is that PCOS is metabolically severe, while the latter is not. This justifies the fact that women with PCOS are more likely to develop serious complications, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.

Another important thing to consider is that there is no cure for these conditions. However, both of them can be managed by maintaining a proper lifestyle and taking medications.ย 

* Advance Medical Equipment

The galloping of science toward advancement is phenomenal. It has advanced way more than the other aspects of human civilization. What used to be rocket science before can now be known with a prompt hand. With this advancement in science and technology, here are a few pieces of advanced medical equipment discovered in the world of science that are helpful in managing PCOS and PCOD:

  1. Transvaginal Ultrasound Machine: Unlike traditional ultrasound machines, this painless technique helps in getting clear and precise pelvis imaging.
  2. Genetic Testing Kits: Such genetic testing kits can provide information or genetic dispositions associated with PCOS. This helps in finding the trace of any such possible conditions beforehand.
  3. Hormone Test Kits: Many such kits available on the market identify hormonal imbalances and help in diagnosing the problem.

* Other basic types of equipment

The equipment mentioned below might look basic but can work wonders in treating PCOD or PCOS for a while. They might not eliminate the issue, but they can make it bearable to manage well. Here is a list of a few:

  1. Heating pads: Heating pads can prove to be a rescue from extremely painful cramps because of their wonderful abilities. They are best when it comes to relieving pain and alleviating discomfort.ย  Heating pads can help not only with citrinin reduction but also increase the blood flow necessary for PCOS and PCOD.
  2. Weight Management Scales: This is important for people with PCOD, especially PCOS, to track their weight. The fluctuations in weight are beneficial in addressing overweight issues and also in checking whether they are under control or not. This is important, as being overweight can further increase complications or cause discomfort.
  3. BP Monitors: Although not directly correlated, BP Monitors are associated with PCOS patients in several ways. This is because the equipment can detect increased blood pressure,ย  which is beneficial in keeping track of diabetes, insulin resistance, or any other metabolic issuesย 
  4. Stress Relievers:ย The vital necessity for PCOS or PCOD patients is to reduce stress. Women suffering from this can get stressed a lot easily, which can cause hypertension. So use equipment like massagers or practice mindfulness for stress management.
  5. Using apps: Some applications are great examples of advancements in technology. These apps can be useful in tracking periods, ovulation tracking, fitness tracking, etc., which can help in supervising the changes and managing them as well.

* Summing up:

Within this article, we have explored and learned much about managing both PCOS and PCOD through equipment. The usage of them purely depends on your requirements and convenience. Remember, curing it might not be easy, but it is also not unattainable. With a proper roadmap of precautions, treatments, medications, and lifestyle habits, one can go the extra mile to manage PCOS or PCOD.

Note:ย It is advised to consult a doctor if the issue is persistent and to know other such alternatives that can help an individual. The above article is generic and is not intended to treat PCOS or PCOD through equipment.

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