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Do you have a blood pressure machine for home use?

If no, it’s never too late to buy a Digital Blood Pressure Machine for home use.

Want to know why it’s essential to have a Digital BP Machine at home?

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of cases of heart diseases in India. Many Indians more than ever are experiencing cardiac arrests in their 40s and 50s, when compared to people in the western nations who are experiencing it mostly in their 60s. Today, India has a two-three times higher percentage of heart diseases than western nations.

There are many risk factors responsible for the rising numbers in India. Among them, poor lifestyle habits are a major cause of concern.

The good news is many of the risk factors can be avoided and even reversed. It only requires adoption of a heart healthy lifestyle. This will not only lower the risk for heart disease but will also reduce the risk for other chronic illnesses like diabetes, etc.


Also called Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) or Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), heart disease occurs when the coronary arteries (tubes) that transports blood to the heart becomes narrow or gets blocked. This happens when fatty material called plaque, and cholesterol builds-up inside the arteries. They can be caused by high blood pressure or excess of cholesterol in the blood or excess of sugar in the blood due to diabetes.

When the plaque blocks the artery, the blood flow to the heart will get badly hampered. A blocked artery in turn can cause chest pain or a heart attack.


To live a heart healthy lifestyle, you must


First and foremost, you must know your family health history. If you are well-aware of your family health background – past and present, it will help you to look after and maintain a strong heart.

 By family health history, it is meant critical heart-health numbers in blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart rate, and waist circumference. Aside from this, it is also vital to know about the

  •  Optimal numbers for your sex and age group. This will help you take proper steps to maintain proper heart health.
  • Entire family health history. This will give an insight into earlier preventative screenings of past family members. This in turn will tell you if your family history shows an increased risk of heart disease.

Having an accurate blood pressure monitor helps. A digital BP machine will help monitor your blood pressure regularly and let you know whether you are at a risk of potential heart issues.


Healthy diet guarantees a healthy heart.

Seek your doctor’s assistance to craft a healthy diet program with healthy food options.

Your diet program should

  • Include fruits, lean meat, low-fat diary, whole grains, vegetables, and other food items rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Include heart-healthy fats like ones found in nuts, seeds, salmon, and vegetables.
  • Avoid food items like sugary and salty snacks like chips, cookies, donuts, and such likes.
  • Avoid saturated fats like butter, dairy products, high-fat meats, and trans- fats like prepackaged foods, fried fast foods, and margarines. They all increase the risk of developing heart disease like stroke.

The 3rd and 4th category food items will raise your bad cholesterol levels (LDL). This in turn will lower your good cholesterol levels (HDL) and badly affect your heart in several negative ways.


Smoking and drinking alcohol can affect your heart negatively. They increase your blood pressure and levels of triglycerides in the blood.

Chemicals in cigarette smoke cause plaque build-up in the arteries. They are a major cause for coronary heart disease which can ultimately lead to heart attacks. Likewise, alcohol consumption increases the chances of heart attack. According to a recent research study, alcohol consumption in the Indian population is not cardio protective whereas in the western population, it reduces heart attacks by 10 percent.

Excess of smoking and alcohol consumption will make you more prone to congestive heart failure and stroke. Additionally, you will be troubled by high stress levels which can put tremendous pressure on your heart.

Thankfully, it’s never too late to prevent them from happening.

All that is needed is willpower to resist the temptation to smoke or drink alcohol. Additionally, meditative practices and yoga will also go a long way to not only shun them but also reduce and manage stress levels. This will help promote better heart health and also keep you in good mental and physical shape.


Poor dental hygiene puts your heart health at risk.

Medical studies have revealed a link between an increased risk of heart diseases and bacteria that causes gum disease.

This can be avoided by simply brushing your teeth properly at least twice a day. Likewise, flossing every night will also keep gum disease at bay.


Stress increases cortisol. This can lead to weight gain which in turn can affect your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Excess of stress can even lead to bad lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol drinking, and overeating.

To prevent them from occurring, it’s important to keep stress under control.

This can be done by

  • Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude.
  • Accepting things that are not under your control, cheerfully.
  • Managing your time more effectively and usefully.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet. It should be rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids, lead proteins, and complex carbohydrates. Shun at all cost, junk and roadside food items.
  • Shunning alcohol, smoking, or drugs. They all can stress out your body even more and cause severe health issues.
  • Exercising regularly with breathing exercises, meditation, aromatherapy, etc; spending enough time in the sunlight; and adhering to a proper sleep schedule. At least, 150 minutes of moderate exercise like brisk walking or biking or swimming, OR 75 minutes of vigorous exercise like aerobics or jogging, each week is recommended. Aside from this, muscle strengthening activities at least two days a week is also recommended,
  • Taking time off to engage in useful hobbies or activities that engages your mind and keeps you beneficially occupied.
  • Expressing your beliefs, feelings, or opinions frankly without being assertive and aggressive.
  • Seeking out social support. Just spend enough time in a positive frame of mind with your near and dear ones.
  • Seeking out the help of a psychologist or any mental health professional. They are trained in stress management and can understand what troubles you and what causes them. You will be able to learn healthy ways to manage and deal with your stress.
  • Saying ‘NO’ to requests that otherwise could create excessive stress in your life.


Excess of weight puts tremendous strain on your heart. This will coerce it to work harder than ever.

Additionally, it can also

  • Alter the structure of your heart and reduce its ability to pump blood. Eventually, this will lead to fatal heart failure.
  • Increase your risk for developing other heart disease risk factors like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and sleep disorder like sleep apnea.

To prevent them from occurring and maintaining your heart health,  

  • Chart a realistic weight loss plan and adhere to it.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. They will keep your weight under control.
  • Calculate your body mass index (BMI). This will help you know where you stand. If you’re overweight, then maintaining proper diet and regular exercise can work wonders.

When you finally reach your goal, follow a strict maintenance plan. This will ensure you don’t have to go through the difficult process all over again.


Hypertension and high cholesterol levels can be dangerous if not managed properly. They can increase your risk of heart disorders like heart attack, stroke, etc.

Hence, it’s important to manage your blood pressure properly. Likewise, you must keep your cholesterol levels within reasonable limits for a healthy heart. What makes it even more important to do so is both do not have any specific signs of likely causes. Leaving them untreated can lead to many serious health complications in the long run.

Early diagnosis and prevention is the best way to keep them at bay and prevent further complications. This can be ensured by testing your blood pressure at periodic intervals. A home blood pressure monitor can be used for testing your blood pressure, whereas cholesterol levels can be checked through a blood test.

Final Point

Healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart is guaranteed only if you maintain a balanced diet; exercise regularly; maintain proper weight; get proper sleep; and control your blood pressure.

Overall, embracing heart healthy habits and maintaining the best BP machine at home can make a big difference in the form of healthy heart and sound health.

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