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Medtech Steamer Handyvap 01 & TMP05 Digital Thermometer COMBO

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A convenient, practical, and portable solution that facilitates steam inhalation at home. The Medtechlife Handyvap is the best steam inhaler for colds & coughs, and other respiratory problems.

  1. Double Wall Body:

    Double wall body to avoid any injury due to hot water while handling the machine. This patented design helps users to safely pick the steamer even during steaming. This makes the steaming and facial steaming super convenient and useful. 

  2. Special Locking Mechanism:

    Traditional Steamers have a very weak lock which makes working with hot water risky. The Medtech Handyvap has a special locking mechanism to avoid accidental opening to safeguard from spilling hot water and burn. The lock is designed such that it can withstand strong pressures so the steamer does not open accidentally thus ensuring maximum safety for the user.

  3. Made in India:

    Medtech is a Indian Company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The Medtech Handyvap ensures that it has been built with the best quality standards and has been designed, engineered and manufactured by Medtech Life in India!

The HandyVap is ideal for children and adults.

With essential features like a 100% ABS and double-walled body to prevent shocks and a unique locking system keeps the inhaler securely locked in use, preventing hot water spillage. The double-wall construction keeps the outer surface cool enough to be held by hands during use.


Medtech Handy TMP 05 DIGITAL THERMOMETER is the ideal thermometer for home and hospital use.

The high accuracy sensor makes sure you get an accurate reading every time.

It is packed with useful features like:

Super Fast Reading - The new Medtech TMP05 takes super fast readings in just 30 seconds making it super convenient to use

Water Resistant - The thermometer is robust in construction and hence can survive occassional splashes of water on it. This ensures that minor water accidents with the thermometer do not stop you from using the product

Fever Indicator - The fever line indicator makes it convenient for you to make sense of the reading. The Red, Yellow and Green zones point out if the persons temperature recorded is high, medium or normal.

Automatic Shut-off - The thermometer is smart to switch off when the reading is not taking place. Hence making sure that you get long battery life.

No Mercury - The new age thermometer is digital. The Medtech Thermometer is completely mercury-free and hence environmentally friendly.

Storage Case Included - The Medtech Thermometer has a storage case in the box, making it convenient for you to store your thermometer.

F/C Switchable - The thermometer has a dual scale, and the unit can be changed between Fahrenheit and Celcius with the use of just one button

Suitable For Full Family - One unit serves the entire family

Light Weight - The Medtech Thermometer is lightweight and easy to carry. The carrying case included helps you to store the device quickly and securely.

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