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What Is An Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor?

What Is An Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor?

Blood pressure is one of the four major vital signs along with heartrate, body temperature and breathing rate. All these signs can give a major insight on a person’s overall health. Changes or abnormalities in these can suggest an underlying problem and a need to make some lifestyle changes. The typical way to get blood pressure monitored is to visit your general physician who may use a Sphygmomanometer to check your BP. Apart from this, people may also choose to buy a digital or electronic blood pressure checking machine that can be easily used at home to monitor your condition regularly.

Blood pressure or BP is a term used for the amount of force that the blood places on the blood vessels in the body. A blood pressure reading is signified by two numbers. The upper number is called the systolic pressure and the lower number is called the diastolic pressure. Abnormalities in blood pressure can occur due to various reasons such as stress, high cholesterol levels, smoking, consuming alcohol, hereditary issues, obesity, diabetes etc. Accurate blood
pressure readings are important so that proper medical aid can be given to the person suffering from it.

Best BP electronic BP machine in India

Your general physician may check blood pressure by either using an electronic mechanical machine whereas digital or electronic BP monitors are usually used for checking at home. A doctor may recommend monitoring blood pressure at home if a person needs to know their readings regularly. Electronic blood pressure machines The easiest and most accurate way to measure blood pressure at home is to buy an automated blood pressure monitor.

The instructions to use the device may vary amongst products, therefore the user manual should be read carefully before usage. A digital blood pressure monitor is an automated, simple and lightweight machine that is used to measure pulse and blood pressure easily and accurately. All machines will mostly have a monitor to display the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse. The machine comes with an arm cuff with air tube and an air jack to connect the cuff to the machine. Using a digital blood pressure monitor Even though the exact method will depend on the brand you’re using, but there are a few general steps that need to be followed–

1) Make sure you have proper functioning batteries for the

2) Insert the air tube from the cuff in to the air Jack.

3) Switch the button to ‘on’.

4) Wrap the cuff around the bare arm so that the centre of the bladder is positioned 2 - 3 cms above the elbow joint on the inside of the arm.

5) Close the cuff with a fastener or velcro.

6) If possible, lay the arm out with your palm facing upwards and the cuff at approximately your heart level.

7) Press the start button. As soon as a target value is reached, air is released, the machine detects the pulse and displays the blood pressure reading.

Medtech Life Blood Pressure Monitor BP-12 with Backlight
Medtech Life Blood Pressure Monitor BP-12 with Backlight

Tips for monitoring your blood pressure

1) Practice using the monitor with your doctor to make sure you are taking your blood pressure correctly.

2) Your arm should be supported, with your upper arm at heart level and feet on the floor.

3) It's best to measure your blood pressure after you rest for at least 5 minutes.

4) Do not take your blood pressure when you are under stress, have had caffeine or used a tobacco product in the last 30 minutes, or have recently exercised.

5) Take at least 2 readings 1 minute apart in the morning before taking medicines and in evening before eating supper. Try to measure and maintain a record for your BP daily for 5 days and then report your results to your doctor. How to buy the best BP monitor? Pick a model that has all the features you need and one that will make testing easy for you. Follow these tips to select the best blood pressure monitor

6) Check the fit - Make sure that the BP monitor you are buying
has a cuff that fits your upper arm circumference or it is adjustable enough to fit all sizes.

7) Consider cost - You may be having a budget within which you will want to buy the machine, therefore choose one that suits your pocket perfectly.

8) Choose one that is easy to use - The display on the monitor should be easy to read. The buttons should be large and the directions for using the cuff and operating the monitor should be clear.

9) Select the features you need - Different monitors may give you varied features but do choose the one that fulfils all your requirements. Monitoring your blood pressure at home will allow you to be in a relaxed state regarding your health and plus you will also have the flexibility to take your BP measurements at anytime during the day. By keeping track of these vital parameters, your doctor will be in a better position to evaluate your health. Live hassle free and live healthy with the Medtech Life blood pressure monitor that is manufactured in India and helps to monitor your blood pressure and pulse levels conveniently and accurately.

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