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According to a study report on respiratory medicines published in Lung India journal recently, India accounted for 42 percent of global asthma deaths. Overall, there are an estimated 34.3 million asthmatics in India, that is, 12.9 percent of the global 262 million cases.

Every year, there are 1.98 lakh deaths resulting from asthma. Experts have called it very worrying. Many among them feel that a majority of asthma patients in India do not get the right medication. Similarly, others called for identifying the causes responsible for high death rates before the situation further deteriorates.

Asthma attacks are truly frightening. They can turn serious at times. But whatโ€™s more worrying is that till date no cure has been found for it. The only way out is to prevent potential catastrophic asthma attacks. This can be done in two ways. Firstly, asthma sufferers must stay vigilant against triggers like allergies, dust mites, pollutants, tobacco smoke, etc. Secondly, they must not leave their homes or do any physical activity without emergency treatment at hand, that is, Inhaler.

Inhaler can help asthma sufferers from sudden attacks of breathing, gasping and wheezing, to a certain extent. But when they turn serious, they do not provide that much relief. This is where Steam Inhalers can deliver the solution.

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According to medical studies, steam inhalers do not fix asthmatic issues. But they help to alleviate breathing issues that results from an asthma attack; and gain relief from asthma symptoms.

Additionally, steam inhalers

  • Act as lubricant of airways. The steam when released liquefies the thick and tenacious mucus that line the airways. This later helps to facilitate better breathing which can become normal in course of time.
  • Strengthen the immune system. The system will become strong enough to resist and fight off germs and viruses.
  • Provide relief from inflammation. An asthmatic attack inflates dryness and sinuses in airways. Steam inhaler helps to loosen the sputum thereby ensuring therapeutic relief in inflammation.
  • Gain relief from stress. Stress is one of the major causes of asthma. During a stress attack, hormones are released. This in turn causes the inner layer of the blood vessels to shrink and constrict. A steam inhaler facilitates an uptick in the flow of blood which helps to reduce stress and induce relaxation. This will calm the patient, and increases blood circulation and oxygen flow in the brain.

Aside from the above, steam inhalers also help to cleanse the skin. They act a natural cleanser. When steam is taken on the face, the pores in the skin areas where there exist a lot of breakouts, are unclogged. This helps to get rid of dirt and toxins contained in the pores. Eventually, this will help to improve the skinโ€™s appearance as well as blood circulation.


Choosing the appropriate steam inhaler matters a lot for obtaining the best possible relief from asthma attacks.

Hence, when choosing a steam inhaler, make sure your final choice is

  • Lightweight with simple controls. This will facilitate easy operation; and make it easy to hold and use it.
  • Compact in size. This will help even kids to use and carry it during travel.
  • Durable and sturdy. A steam inhaler must be made of strong materials with slick craftsmanship. This will guarantee its longevity and safety and also greatly reduce the frequency of the device replacement.

steam inhalation

Modern technology has made steam inhalers more convenient and comfortable to use. Some steam inhalers offer varied styles of breathing masks while others come with therapeutic essential oils or other options like self-drying feature or hot air.

The more advanced versions of steam inhalers offer varied temperature controls, steam adjustment feature (includes adjustable volume; and steam intensity and volume), and programmed shut-off switches. They help to adjust the concentration of the steam and obtain the best possible results.


Generally, a steam inhaler must be used two times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.ย 
To stay safe and guarantee the best value for your money, consult a doctor before buying a steam inhaler. This will guide you to buy the best steam inhaler and also help you to learn how to use them and for how long to use them.

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